Mother Hyacinth Zahalka — 10 March 1912-2012

Throughout the congregation the sisters paused on 10 March to recall the centenary of the death of Mother Hyacinth Zahalka, first Superior General of the Congregation in its Bohemian branch. After having led the newborn congregation from 1888 to 1910, she took a brief period of rest and then left for the United States to investigate the possibility of sending sisters to work offer apostolic service to the immigrants, especially those coming from Slovakia, Bohemia and Moravia. After a brief illness she died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 10 March 1912.


Franciscan mission in Ostrava from 26 September to
2 October

The last weekend of September the city of Ostrava was inundated by missionaries led by the Franciscans. The street ministry offered an approach with Christ and faith.

The missionaries met people in the streets, in the elementary and middle schools; they went to visit the sick and elderly in residential institutions, they visited ex-convicts, the Rom population and the homeless. They did not even neglect the “famous” StolodnĂ­ Street. They met thousands of people.

They offered a chance to meet in cafés to talk or to pray about some problem or difficulty. The program also included a prayer of praise with the group 'Ephraim', an ecumenical prayer for the city, a theatrical play about "The Wounded Shepherd", evening Adoration including a pantomime, dance, personal witness, meditation and prayer for inner healing.

The missionaries 'effort was not to convince anyone but to freely give witness that even in today's world, as hurried as life is, there are people who are not only concerned about themselves of what they get out of something, but who live according to God's rules. We are not talking about propaganda; rather, the missionaries wanted to share with the people what they experience, what moves them, what makes them happy, what gives them peace, in short, what Jesus is for them.

The mission was supported by the parishes of Ostrava, by the prayer of the listeners of Radio Proglas. During the Mass celebrating the beginning of the mission, Bishop Lobkowicz appealed to them. Joining in the prayer support were the members of the contemplative orders and many of the missionaries' friends. All the team members said they felt that prayer. Thus many of the meetings and activities were “prepared in advance'

The Franciscan mission in Ostrava has ended, but only for the team members. In the aftermath it is up to the local Christians and the open doors of the churches and parish houses. But especially to the open hearts of those who, in these days, are wondering about the existence of God, who is Love.