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         As Christians we are called to participate in the redemptive mission of Christ, and to call ourselves and others through the power of the Gospel to turn from sin to God. We have the responsibility in faith and love to promote human dignity and to work for the cause of justice. We make a special effort to be peace-bearers wherever we are and in whatever we do, by our attitude and by our response to the demands of the beatitudes. We bring peace when we serve in simplicity and joy of heart.

          We minister through services which flow from our community of worship, our sisterly love, and our chapter decisions. We keep in mind that we are sent to bring the good news not only through the service we give, but especially through prayer, the example of our lives, and by our very presence.

          We teach Christ's message in our schools by educating the total person in an atmosphere of Christian community, guiding those we serve to transfer into their lives the religious truths they have learned. We extend our educational ministry beyond the school into various religious instruction programs and other related areas according to need. When we minister to the sick and infirm, we communicate the Gospel message through our love and compassion.

          We perform other types of social service as time and place require. Through our concern, we bring hope to those hurt by the pain of loneliness and by the weight of injustice. Motivated by the Church's zeal for evangelizing the whole world, some of us undertake missionary activity.